Things Are Looking Different for Doula DFW

I’m sorry that Bliss and I have been a little radio silent over here. Life is still barreling through, babies are still coming (19 so far this year!), and we still love serving expecting families, but that will look a little different moving forward and here’s why.

To the Year 2021, I have a few choice words to say to you.... YOU SUCK. No really, you do. Screw you and the horse you rode in on. You can leave at any moment. You are no longer welcome here. You’ve hurt my friend time and time again and I won’t have it anymore.

One of my dearest friends and doula partner, Bliss Herron, lost her husband Mark on January 9, 2021 to complications from COVID-19. We know in our hearts his body is healed and he is with Our Savior in Heaven but the grief still hurts. He left behind a wife of over 40 years, 9 children, and 15 grandbabies, one of which was born in the wee hours before Mark’s memorial service.