Breastfeeding Manners

While I absolutely love feeding my baby at the breast I don’t love his current etiquette at the boob. I mean come on, isn’t this supposed to be sweet cuddle times where we just gaze into each other’s eyes while I snuggling? He definitely has a different idea. Lately I’ve been coming out of nursing sessions having been bitten, scratched, hit, punched, squeezed, you name it! If you are like me then your little one is exhibiting one or more of the following offenses. Here are a few tips on how to curb the behavior so you can once again return to those sweet nursing moments and not come out of a feeding needing an ice pack or a bandage.

The Offenses

1. The Scratching Post. My first baby used to sweetly tickle my sides while she nursed. For some reason my second does the same thing but has managed to make shivs out of his fingernails so it isn’t nearly as pleasant. Sometimes I feel like he’s treating my chest like a scratching post. If your baby scratches your side or breast as he nurses, try starting out the nursing session by tucking that hand underneath the baby or under your arm. Restraining baby will only make him more upset but you do want to remove the opportunity and the thought. If it happens anyway, gently move the offending hand and give him your finger or hand to keep him busy.

2. The Oral Examination. As I write this I have a huge scratch on the inside of my lip from my 7 month old the dentist. He loves to reach up, put all of his fingers in my mouth then squeeze and scrape as he explores my mouth. I tried the same techniques as for The Scratcher above, plus used the time to teach him how touse gentle touch. A simple, repeated request to “use gentle touch” along with my hand guiding him hand to stroke