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What if I told you there is something you can add to your maternity care to statistically improve birth outcomes for you and your baby? Would you do it? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a prenatal exercise or medication. So what is it?

Continuous support. Yep, that’s it.


All you need is someone by your side throughout your labor that has a sole purpose of providing emotional and physical support for you and your partner. 

The resource Evidence Based Birth© shares:

"There have been at least 26 randomized, controlled trials that tested the effects of continuous labor support on more than 15,000 people total. These studies were included in a Cochrane Review published in 2017. People in these studies were randomly assigned to either receive one-to-one continuous support from someone or “usual care.” The type of support provided could be from a member of the hospital staff, a doula, a childbirth educator, a retired nurse, or a family member or friend.

The researchers found that, overall...

While I absolutely love feeding my baby at the breast I don’t love his current etiquette at the boob. I mean come on, isn’t this supposed to be sweet cuddle times where we just gaze into each other’s eyes while I snuggling? He definitely has a different idea. Lately I’ve been coming out of nursing sessions having been bitten, scratched, hit, punched, squeezed, you name it! If you are like me then your little one is exhibiting one or more of the following offenses. Here are a few tips on how to curb the behavior so you can once again return to those sweet nursing moments and not come out of a feeding needing an ice pack or a bandage.

The Offenses

1. The Scratching Post. My first baby used to sweetly tickle my sides while she nursed. For some reason my second does the same thing but has managed to make shivs out of his fingernails so it isn’t nearly as pleasant. Sometimes I feel like he’s treating my chest like a scratching post. If your baby scratches your side or breast as he nurses, try...

Before I became a breastfeeding mom, I never even noticed if there were clean and quiet places to feed my baby. That quickly changed when I had my daughter. Suddenly I realized there was a real lack of places to feed my baby without having to run to a bathroom or use a nursing cover. With my second kiddo I care a whole lot less about whipping the what is now really just a feeding device out whenever and wherever. However, there are some times you just want to go somewhere quiet and private. Here are my best spots in DFW that I’ve found so far. Please message me and let me know if you’ve found others because I definitely want to know!

Stores that always have a Mother’s Room

  • Baby’s ‘R Us

  • Buy Buy Baby

  • Nordstrom 

Fort Worth

Fort Worth Museum

  • Small room in Children’s Museum area. Often a hot commodity though so be prepared to wait your turn.

Fort Worth Zoo

  • Really no area here. I ended up going in MOLA because it had AC and just sitting on a ledge with the stroller in fr...

I think my husband Jason may have audibly laughed the first time I mentioned hiring a doula for the birth of our first child. Mind you, this was long before I became a doula myself. “Why would we spend money on someone to be by your side when I’ll be there?” Of course I was thrilled that my husband was willing to get in the emotional and physical birth trenches with me but honestly I wasn’t sure he knew what he was signing up for.

I’m not certain what the tipping point was for him. Maybe it was the numerous birth videos I made him watch or the childbirth education classes that opened his eyes, but nonetheless he relented and agreed to hire a doula.

We must’ve interviewed 5 doulas before we found “the one.” And, I promise you there is “the one.” You instantly connect and feel like that person has been your best friend or your sister in another life. Your doula will be someone that makes you feel safe, supported, encouraged, and strong. Meg was “the one” for us. Our doula helped us prepare...

Have you ever seen those moms that just seem so relaxed like they have it all together? I hate them too. :) That is until I learned their deep, dark, newborn calming secrets…

Babywearing and the genius that is the Five Ss.

Honestly, babies don’t need a lot to be content. BuyBuy Baby might make you feel otherwise but other than meeting basic physiological needs like food, water, sleep, etc. you don’t need a ton of gadgets to be able to calm your baby.

Here is what you do need:

  • Babywearing carrier of your choice

  • Swaddle blanket

  • Boob or pacifier

Yep, that’s it. These three beautiful things will give you all that you need to calm your screaming, crying, insecure little person! Here’s how it works.

Somewhere along the way America decided that we were spoiling our babies by carrying them all the time. We said, “tough luck baby, you’ve been carried, safe, secure, and loved in my belly for 40+ weeks but no more!” Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Women all over the world use baby wearing...


A doula is a trained professional that is neither an OB/GYN or a midwife.  A doula does not administer medical care whatsoever.  She is however an integral part of the birthing team.  Your doula is with you before the birth, during the birth and even postpartum.  She is the confidant at your side for the whole process.


Your OB/GYN is your doctor and will deliver the baby.  But you have to remember, he or she has hundreds of other patients at any one time.  The staff of your obstetrics doctor’s job is to make him or her the most efficient they can be.  This means getting your doctor to the hospital on time for the birth but not before.  Waiting around for the mother to fully efface and dilate would be a waste of their valuable time.  So while your doctor’s role is vital, he or she is not your birthing coach, your hospital intermediary or your nursing/postpartum helper.  That is the role of the doula.


A doula never interferes with medical tre...

October 13, 2015




Still on the fence about the need for a doula at your birth? While there are many reasons a doula comes in handy during labor and delivery time, here are ten pretty convincing ones. 


1. You’ll be less likely to see the OR. Women who have a doula-attended birth are 40 percent less likely to have a caesarean section, according to research published in the American Journal of Public Health.


2. You are more likely to begin labor on your own, avoiding induction. Often called the “induction seduction,” inducing labor can be the first in the domino effect leading to a host of interventions that may or may not be necessary. If you’ve got a doula by your side you are 31 percent less likely than a woman without a doula to have Pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) to induce labor, according to a robust study published in The Cochrane Library, which looked at 21 randomized controlled studies involving more than 15,000 women.


3. Your chances of a shorter labor are better. Having continuous support from...

October 4, 2015


I get this question a lot and it deserves a lot of attention.  You already 

have your Ob/gyn, your husband is “all in” and even your mother and 

mother in law have volunteered to help, so why a doula?  I think the 

best way to answer this question is to understand what a doula really 



A doula is not a midwife nor does she provide medical care.  What a 

good doula does, however, is fill in all the gaps missing with the team 

listed above.  A doula is a birthing expert.  She knows the mother-to-

be personally and somewhat intimately, since she has been a part of 

the whole process, and is there to assist her and advise her about the 

nuances of birthing and her rights as a patient.  


Some mothers-to-be have very strong opinions about how they wish 

to deliver their new born.  They want the surroundings a certain way or 

an all natural birth if possible.  For others, it is their very first time and 

have no idea what to expect.  A doula supports her client, provi...

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