10 Reasons You'll Want a Doula at Your Birth

Still on the fence about the need for a doula at your birth? While there are many reasons a doula comes in handy during labor and delivery time, here are ten pretty convincing ones. 1. You’ll be less likely to see the OR. Women who have a doula-attended birth are 40 percent less likely to have a caesarean section, according to research published in the American Journal of Public Health. 2. You are more likely to begin labor on your own, avoiding induction. Often called the “induction seduction,” inducing labor can be the first in the domino effect leading to a host of interventions that may or may not be necessary. If you’ve got a doula by your side you are 31 percent less likely than a woma

Why Hire a Doula?

I get this question a lot and it deserves a lot of attention. You already have your Ob/gyn, your husband is “all in” and even your mother and mother in law have volunteered to help, so why a doula? I think the best way to answer this question is to understand what a doula really does. A doula is not a midwife nor does she provide medical care. What a good doula does, however, is fill in all the gaps missing with the team listed above. A doula is a birthing expert. She knows the mother-to- be personally and somewhat intimately, since she has been a part of the whole process, and is there to assist her and advise her about the nuances of birthing and her rights as a patient. Some mothers-

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