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I am so grateful to share this testimonial from the husband of my very first doula client. No matter how many births I attend, I'll always remember my first birth...



I am a first time dad. I remember the time that my wife called me and told me that she had taken a pregnancy test and it had come back positive. I knew that my life would never be the same for the better because I was gonna be a dad. We had decided to go to a birthing center and we had some classes to go to. I was sitting in one class and someone asked "do you allow doulas?" I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought it could be some kind of food or something. So I googled it! And even after that I still wasn't entirely sure what it was. As I talked with my wife about it the more I thought "man that sounds pretty cool and weird at the same time" because it was gonna be someone that we didn't know.





We started asking around and looking for people that we had heard about. We interviewed a couple of doulas and every time we did we walked away and I would think, “I don't think that's our doula.” I mean this is a personal private moment with your wife in the most vulnerable of times and I wanted someone I knew that I could lean on and that we needed to click.


My wife heard about Britany and we set up a meeting at our place. From the moment we met her we felt like she was gonna be our doula. She was nice and not in the "I'm trying to get a client nice" but just nice. There was an ease to how she carried herself. Over the next few months as the due date became closer and closer she would meet with us a couple more times to show me some good techniques to make my wife's pregnancy easier to bear. She taught me different places for pressure and how to relieve the tension that my wife would be feeling. She was super helpful in those moments and I didn't feel dumb asking her questions I didn't know the answer to.


On the day that our son was born she met up with us and she really brought a calmness into the room. I already felt anxious and a little like a deer in the headlights but she came in steady and ready to do what needed to be done. She was there and yet she wasn't there. She was right where she needed to be but she allowed there to be time for just me and my wife. She amazed me at the stamina she had. There were times when I was just so tired she would step in and take care of Lory. At one point she spent a good hour just putting pressure where my wife needed it. She made food runs for us and made sure that we were eating and staying hydrated. I loved how she took extra care of my wife. She took time of course to make sure she was eating and alert for when she was needed.


But beyond all that the thing I appreciate the most is that she is a Christian. There were times during the labor process she was praying over us or just inviting God into that little room. I could hear her praying at certain times and it just built up my faith that we were going to have a good delivery. It may sound over saved but I'm telling you the Spirit of God was there and the level of peace I felt was so needed.


The delivery went well and our little guy come out and all things seemed to be going according to plan. But after about 30 minutes went by and we were told that my wife's placenta hadn't delivered and they were gonna need to take her to the ER. My heart dropped and I was already overcome with so many emotions and being physically tired I didn't know what to do or how to make sense of it all. Britany talked me through it and made sure that my wife was ok before they took her. She even asked if I wanted her to go with my wife to be there for her but I didn't know how to put clothes on my little guy or get him in a car seat. That may sound silly now but I was so nervous that she stayed with me.


Since then we have seen Britany a handful of times and it is such a unique connection. Here was a woman that was in the most sacred of times in my marriage that isn't my wife or related to me in any way but I feel like we were all a part of that journey. I am happy to say that she was our first and that we were her first and our son was the first little guy she helped in welcoming to this world as a birth doula.


I know that our next pregnancy we will definitely use a doula and I would like it to be Britany again if at all possible.


Eric R.

Keller, TX

First time father

Testimonials continued...

If you think you have to be committed to an all natural, drug-free birth to benefit from having a doula, you'd be wrong. Despite our own hopes and plans, life (and a tiny person) inevitably throws you a curve ball. Britany was there with us every step of the way - and continues to provide amazing support postpartum. Thank you for everything, Britany

Amanda T.

Fort Worth, TX

Breech baby birth

So glad I hired Britany. I loved the support I had throughout my pregnancy. She was helpful at working with my schedule and planning meetings. She gave great resources and info on labor, and was great at demonstrating pain management techniques and different exercises. She was so helpful throughout my labor. She helped keep me calm and comfortable, and reminded me constantly how well I was doing. And I loved having her help after the birth, too. I finally know how to use a ring sling! 

Brittany W.

Arlington, TX

First out-of-hospital birth (3rd baby)


Finding Britany was such a blessing! As a first time parent, I was very anxious about childbirth but having Britany and her wealth of knowledge made such a difference. She gave me peace of mind. Our prenatal sessions gave my husband and me a much better idea of what to expect than any doctor could. I worried a lot about pain and whether or not I could handle a natural delivery. Britany made me familiar with a variety of comfort measures I found relaxing and never made me feel guilty for considering an epidural or pressured into having a natural delivery. I did ultimately have a natural delivery though and am so glad I did! She really helped me through it and did amazing at coaching my husband over the phone while we were waiting for her to arrive. Though he'd been reluctant to hire a doula in the very beginning, he has no regrets now and was especially thankful for the relief during labor. She's so calming, always takes her time with us, and is very thorough. I didn't think I would need much postpartum but that was when I needed the most. Even with a baby that took to breastfeeding well, I had so many questions and bad engorgement. Britany's advice made an immediate difference that really saved this tired new mama! I was so sad when our sessions ended- but we still keep in touch. She's an amazing resource and now, friend. Hiring Britany was the best decision I made all pregnancy

Bridget S.

Dallas, TX

First-time parent

Britany is one of a kind. She was my doula for my first pregnancy, and I'm planning on using her again for this pregnancy. My husband wasn't sure about a Doula and after interviewing several we had given up. Then, we were told about Britany. After meeting her, my husband was completely on board and we knew she was the one for us. She was so caring and mindful of my needs. We appreciated her willingness to support and be a part of my labor and delivery team and work along side them. She was respectful and caring to her family as well. Beyond that she was very knowledgeable and helped us understand what to expect along the way. She is wonderful!

Lory R.

Keller, TX

Repeat Client

My husband and I have adopted and fostered kids, but this was my first time being pregnant (with a little miracle!). I wanted a totally natural birth at a birthing center. We were initially thinking we didn’t want to hire a doula because I wasn’t even sure I wanted anyone “extra” there. My husband is incredibly supportive and involved- he could handle it! I ended up feeling very “in control” during my labor. I had the natural birth center delivery I wanted and my husband truly was as amazing as I thought he would be. And yet, we left the whole experience saying over and over how thankful we were that Britany was there and how different and more difficult it would have been without her! Having that “extra” person ended up being a huge blessing. She was an added voice of encouragement and prayer, a literal physical support when delivering my son and such a reassurance afterward when learning to breastfeed. If I am ever pregnant again, I will not struggle with the decision of whether or not to hire a doula, and I know exactly who I’m calling from the beginning! Thank you so much, Britany!!

Heather Y.

Fort Worth, TX

First-time parent

Could I have done it without Britany? Of course, but I am so glad I didn't have to. She helped us through one of the hardest, most difficult, but best parts of our lives. I am so thankful to have had her there!


Frisco, TX 

c-section birth

Thank you so much for being exactly the support I needed throughout my very long labor. Your encouragement was exactly what I needed when I was in the hardest of moments and you made me feel strong when I though I couldn't anymore. We were both so grateful to have you by our sides during our birth. Thank you!

Shelby T. 

Colleyville, TX

First-time parent

We are so grateful Britany was our doula! From the time of our first consultation with her, we knew she was the right fit for us. Her prenatal visits were very informative and helped prepare us well. Because of her help, we were able to labor well for a long time at home. Once we called her and she arrived, she brought a calming presence from that point on. She was with us every step of the way encouraging us, and supporting us through love and prayer.While we were at the hospital, we had some tough decisions to make due to labor complications, and Britany was so helpful in providing wise counsel. She did not make the decisions for us, but made sure we understood our options so we could make well-informed decisions. She did whatever she could to keep me comfortable physically, and constantly reassured me emotionally. Not only did Britany encourage me, she encouraged my husband as well and guided him in how to help me. She made sure he rested and got something to eat throughout our time laboring at the hospital, while she stayed and supported me. During the birth, she was actively involved, helping me find comfortable positions and assisting in any way she could, even though she had been with us nearly 20 hours. She also stayed after the birth of our daughter for a couple of hours to make sure I was doing okay, and to help with the initial breastfeeding.We can’t imagine having gone through this experience without Britany! She is a wonderful doula and we highly recommend her!

Suzanne R.

Fort Worth, TX

First-time parent

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