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Meet Stephanie Rector


During my pregnancy, I was on the fence about hiring a doula. After research and consideration, my husband and I decided that a doula could be beneficial to welcoming our daughter. Little did we know how invaluable she would be. When my planned home birth became an unplanned hospital transfer, having a doula who could help me advocate for myself allowed me to focus just on giving birth. I could never imagine birth without a doula by my side.


Birth is such a powerful experience for you, your partner, and your family, no matter the size or structure. My goal is for you to have the most fulfilling birth experience possible, whatever that means to you. It is an honor and a pleasure to help my clients become informed, knowledgeable, and make decisions about the birth that is right for them.


When I’m not serving expecting parents, you can find me rock climbing, country western dancing, or doing my most favorite thing which is hanging with my husband, daughter, and the amazing family members we have close by. 

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