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Because you can. Because you were beautifully made to birth your baby. Because if you couldn’t or you weren’t, you wouldn’t need me. I am a doula and I am here to empower and remind you that God gave you and your baby all that you need to write your best birth story.


When I found out I was pregnant, I had no idea what a “doula” was or that I even wanted or needed one. I began my usual appointments with my OB/GYN and after months of feeling like a generic pregnant woman cycling through the doctor’s office, my husband and I became frustrated. We went on the tour of the only hospital that my doctor delivered at, and were appalled. The staff was cold, there were no bathtubs (which was hugely important to me) and it didn’t feel like the place we would welcome our first child into the world.


My husband and I started doing research, and at 25 weeks pregnant, I switched my prenatal care to a hospital-based midwife group, and it was the best thing I could’ve ever done. The care I received was mind, body, and soul-focused. After a few weeks with our new provider, my husband and I knew we wanted as few medical interventions as possible. We knew if we were going to have all the tools in our childbirth toolbox, we would need to hire a doula. 

As doulas, we are taught to “meet the mother where she is.” From hospital to home birth, cesarean to vaginal, I want to meet you where you are and provide you with resources and information to make educated choices for your best birth. It’s your story, your experience, your memory. As your birth doula, I would be honored to help you and your partner be your best advocates for your own birth!

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